1969 Camaro convertible hot start repairs

Recently finishing restoration; this beautiful ’69 Camaro came to us with issues involving  hot starting. Ice cold it fired right up like a brand new car. Investigating the cause we found there was no spacer between the intake and carb; allowing the heat to transfer directly to the carb and essentially boiling the fuel. Some insulated lines and a spacer will have this beauty ready for the cruise in season.

IMG_1043  IMG_1047 IMG_1048 IMG_1050

Forced induction must-haves

Are you considering forced induction on your ride? Here are two necessities. A good boost gauge; like any other reliable gauge, can alert you of any issues before they become catastrophic as well as let you monitor whats happening under that hood. Check out this trick install on a Mustang GT.

IMG_0615 IMG_0614

Another common mistake in boosted cars is running out of fuel pump. That truly means when the pump is at 100% it still isn’t enough for the car and it will go lean. A lean car makes for terrible results – in most cases a ventilated block once a rod gets thrown. One great economical and proven fix is a boost-a-pump; shown below in a Mustang. It increases the voltage signal allowing the pump to perform at an even better performance rate.


Dodge Ram exhaust upgrade

IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_0869 IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0875The owner of this ’06 Ram with a HEMI loved the power his truck puts down; but not the quiet restrictive exhaust. We ordered up a Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system at the customer request and it sounds amazing; looks better to since the kit turns a factory single pipe to dual side exit.



1965 Dodge D-Dart

In came this very rare factory D-Dart; which was a little know go-fast package right from Dodge.The owner of this one has had it since brand new in 1965! It has fully redone engine; and was converted to a dual carb setup – but when they were rebuilt by another individual; the jets and calibrations were all completely off – making this car run so rich it was smoking even at idle. We have the dual 4’s calibrated and running substantially better now.IMG_1724 IMG_1725


1985 Ford Mustang GT

IMG_0196Today this super clean 1985 Ford Mustang GT came to us for a baseline dyno run; just to see what kind of power it was making. Its a one owner car that has had several mods done over the years but still wears the original paint; except for the custom cowl induction hood.


At just above 4800 RPM on the full throttle pull; the engine was getting starved for fuel. It is now getting an upgraded Bosch fuel pump and a programmable MSD ignition controller so we can squeeze even more ponies out.



Tuning Essentials

Are you getting ready to bring us your car to get dyno tuned? Don’t forget to check the basic “tune up” parts. Neglected or unmaintained items such as a clogged fuel filter, fouled spark plugs, dirty air filter, or a burned plug wire can severely affect a car’s performance and our ability to get the most power out of your vehicle to meet your needs. But don’t worry, we are able to facilitate all maintenance items such as these and more. Call for details.