Tuning a Fresh Engine on a Rare Truck

We had a customer reach out after a multi-year project having an engine rebuilt and installed in his Saleen S331 Supercharged F150 of which there were under 400 ever produced. His last motor leaned out and caused catastrophic engine failure. After spending the last couple of years having the engine built and installed, he was justifiably nervous about what caused the previous engine failure. We started by having our head tuner look over the truck and clean up a couple of very minor wiring issues caused by engine removal and installation. We then hooked up the laptop an immediately started data logging and watching all of the engines vital signs. Found a downstream O2 sensor that was not performing correctly. Looked into the fuel maps and verified in a stair step method that everything with the new engine and ECU tuning was healthy and correct. After making some minor tweaks, and logging lots of data we were able to perform some dyno pulls and verify for the customer that the truck is healthy and put down very respectable numbers. We were also able to install some exhaust resonators to help cut down on in cab drone at highway speeds. We couldn’t be happier with the way the truck performed, and are excited to see it at car shows this spring when the weather gets nice again!

Saleen S331 on the Dyno.

Saleen has mastered the ability to modify the aesthetics of Fords subtly while packing in performance.
Lake pipes and a long wheel base made adding resonators a breeze.