LS3 powered CJ6 gets tuned.

Another local shop brought us this Jeep project after doing a beautiful job putting it together to be tuned and get the engine broke in and sorted out. A fast EFI setup was used and worked great. A single plain manifold modified for port injection was used for induction.

The engine ran pretty rough with the start up file it came in with so we spent some time on the dyno sorting it out. End result was 400rwhp through the th400 and throwing the big tires around. LS power is awesome.



Portland Roadster Show – Live BLog

We are here and set up at the Portland Roadster Show!

Come stop by and say Hi, there is a ton of cool stuff here this year.

Here’s a sneak peek at our booth…

2014 Portland Roadster Show

2014 Portland Roadster Show

We will try to update this as much as possible with News, car and other things that are rad through out the weekend.

Another picture form the other side of the booth, all the car we have here this year are getting a lot of attention.



A really cool project from the guys at that we helped a little getting the base tune for. Have you ever said “cool mustang II” before now?

Day 2 at the Portland Roadster Show Late nights and early starts, our life blood… Turbos and coffee.

Turbos and coffee

Turbos and coffee

Here are a few more cars we enjoyed.





And a few more, green seems to be a popular color this year.







2nd Annual No Roads Required Off-Road Show announced!

The No Roads Required off-road show is back for it’s second year so get ready for another day of everything off-road!

No Roads Required is open to anything and everything that goes off-road. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a Jeep, Land Cruiser, rally car, rock crawler, buggy or something that you haven’t come up with a name for yet, we want you down at Fast Specialties showing it off!

We are working hard to bring you new and exciting vendors for this year’s show so you can check out all the latest gear and aftermarket parts for your rig. If you have a suggestion please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message. We are always looking for more people/vendors to help support the show.



2nd Annual No Roads Required Off-Road Show
September 14th, 2013
12pm-4pm, Gate opens at 11:30am for show rides
Fast Specialties: 1200 NE 95th St Vancouver, WA 98665

Piston’s Wild will once again be bringing out their RTI ramp for the shows RTI competition. Thank you to Piston’s Wild for your continued support of the No Roads Required off-road show.

If you have any questions or comments about the show please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay updated about the show! Go to our Facebook page at




1997 Hummer H1

Tire replacement today.  Properly balancing tires this large and heavy can be tricky. A lot of times there is simply not enough rim for the required weight to balance the tires. What works for us is a multi step process that involves spinning the wheel only and measuring for balance, mounting the tire, spin balancing it, measuring for dynamic balance, marking the tire and wheel, then rotating the wheel 180 on the rim and respining it. This gives us a indication of actual tire balance. By putting the heavy part of the tire opposite the heavy rim, we cut down on the amount of weight needed. Next we respin the assembly and balance the wheel and tire dynamically. Add weight where its needed and this will 95% of the time yield a great riding tire. As a bit of insurance on the tires over 38″ diameter, a bag of balance beads are sometimes added. Especially for street only trucks.

If you have a big truck with tires that just won’t balance, give us a call. We can take care of your balnce issues as well as all of your other tire needs.