Supercharger Oil Changes

Did you know your supercharger in your high performance vehicle also has its own maintenance schedule? Depending on whether you have a Kenne Bell, Eaton, or Whipple they have their own standards for changes and fluid specifications. Some intervals are as low as every 12,000 miles so call us if you are unsure. We have the expertise and equipment for proper oil changes.


CV axle replacement – 09 Silverado

Customer brought in a ’09 Silverado for a factory maintenance service; when we advised to replaced the right front CV axle assembly due to damaged boots. No need to visit the dealer; we ordered up a replacement axle and had it back on the road in no time.

IMG_1628 IMG_1629

Datsun 240Z Repairs

Update: the Z car from our exhuast post a couple weeks back has returned for a new clutch and slave cylinder along with the necessary components. Should be a big difference in engagement for a more positive driving experience.
We had in this neat little 240-Z that is a daily driver as well as a weekend autocross toy. Customer stated it was in need of exhaust repair and replacement of the intake/exhaust gasket.  This is a car that is truly enjoyed and shows you don’t need a big budget for big fun.IMG_0491 IMG_0492


Ford Pinto carb setup

This super clean Pinto only has 39k original miles; and the current owner is the second owner – first being his aunt. But any car needs maintenance; and this one came in to sort out some fuel delivery issues and dialing in the carburetor. IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1472

1967 Camaro Valve train Adjustments

Concerned with excessive engine noise; this ’67 Camaro came in to have a look at and see what the issue was. Removing the valve covers revealed a rocker stud backing out of the block; and a couple vavle springs needed adjustment. A slight adjustment to the idle and the car is much more responsive and quieter as well.
IMG_1635 IMG_1637 IMG_1640

Need Carburetor Help?

We’ve got you covered.  We repair, rebuild and tune carburetors.  This 1984 Ford F150 came in this week with a no start condition.  Customer was installing this Holley 850 and couldn’t quite get it finished up.

Upon inspection when it arrived, we found the crankcase full of fuel.  When we did get it to fire the engine shot fuel out of the dip stick tube.  After removing the carb we found the floats were stuck just dumping fuel into the cylinders.  After cleaning up the carb, changing the oil and filter, reinstalling the carb, found the throttle cable too short holding the throttle at 3000 RPM.  New throttle cable and choke cable later this one is running again.  She still needs some tuning but she’s running again.

Vortech Supercharger rebuild

Last week we had a ’99 Cobra brought in that had a Vortech supercharger installed. There was a notable leak at the supercharger; and the car hadn’t been tuned properly. We sublet the rebuild off to Vortech; and upon its return we will be tuning the Cobra here on our dyno.

img_1765 img_1764

460 Ford 460 Truck valvetrain failure.

This engine is a 460 swapped into an F-100 that the owner had some pretty serious valve train problems with. The engine would randomly toss the push rods out of the rocker arms. New correct length push rods and careful attention to the rockers geometry fixed this concern.

Anytime anything in the engines upper end is replaced its a necessity to pay attention to the valve train if you want the engine to stay together. Luckily this didn’t cause a complete engine failure.




1965 Black Beauty Mustang

We have this beautiful 1965 Mustang in the shop this week.  She is a gorgeous example of good ole’ American Muscle running a small block Ford.  Just getting ready to drop the motor to replace the clutch and repair the clutch linkage.  Once we’re done with that, we’re installing a power steering kit for the comfort of cruising.  Lastly, cleaning her up and tying up a few small issues.  When she’s ready she’ll be the star of the show, just in time for fun in the sun.  More pictures to come once we have her all finished up.