Lincoln Mark VIII exhuast

You don’t see many Mark VIIIs on the road; and this is one perfect example. But being a typical Lincoln – it was too quiet for a hot rod guy. We welded on a pair of glasspack mufflers with resonated tips that give it a deep rumble letting you know there’s power to back it up. IMG_0756 IMG_0758

Dodge Ram exhaust upgrade

IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_0869 IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0875The owner of this ’06 Ram with a HEMI loved the power his truck puts down; but not the quiet restrictive exhaust. We ordered up a Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust system at the customer request and it sounds amazing; looks better to since the kit turns a factory single pipe to dual side exit.



1988 Ford Mustang with Subframe Connectors

Subframe connectors are steel tube reinforcements that are welded to the bottom of the car. They connect the front and rear subframes together. This strengthens the flexible floorpan between the two subframes, and greatly increases the rigidity of the Mustang’s unibody chassis providing a better ride, improved handling, and a longer lifespan for the floor pan as it helps prevent fatigue.

IMG_0325 IMG_0326

Track arm bar repair and setup

Customer stated the rear end of his Mustang was clunking terribly; upon inspection it was found that the rear track arm bar was disconnected and in need of repair. Our fabricator was able to successfully weld the components back together and get it down the road. IMG_1098 IMG_1099

Camaro wiring and installation of Dakota Digital gauges

We have this Camaro; which is in the middle of restoration for the installation of of Dakota Digital gauges. These are the style that have an analog gauge face for the classic look. Here you can see the module that controls all the gauges; and since this is in a restoration state we are simply running all new wiring for the kit.

IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511


We can handle your fabrication needs here at Fast specialties! Tube bending, Inter cooler plumbing, turbo manifolds, exhaust, suspension components, you name it, we can make it a reality!

These Fuel cells were modified to include there own pumps, filter and wiring, making them a stand alone fuel system for a secondary fuel source while running high boost. One cell assembly is shown using dual 255 pump assemblies, while the other uses a larger in line pump for higher flow.

102_1276 102_1273 102_1269 102_1267  102_1278100_2546

Down pipe fabrication is something we do a lot here at Fast, this one is built for a dsm engine with a 2.5″ v-band outlet flange and a recirculating waste gate.

100_0089 100_0088 100_0100

Here are a few more examples of downpipes built to clear tight obstructions. Our downpipes are Tig welded and back purged.

100_2532 100_2531 100_0393 100_0395 100_0396

Pre-turbo fab work means custom turbo manifolds. For a lot of engine a commercial manifold is available, but when a one off or custom solution is needed, we build it. Weather made from schedule 10, 40 ,tube, stainless or steel, we got it covered!

102_1199 102_1195 102_1149 100_2801 100_2805 100_2800 100_0480 100_0712 100_0483 100_0463 100_0462 100_0459 100_0458 100_0457

102_1776 102_1775 102_1774 102_1741

On the cold side of the turbo is the inter cooler, again, when a kit is not available, the custom fabrication begins. This includes air cleaners, compressor housing mods, charge piping, bead rolling and boost bracing.

102_1780 102_1877 102_1876 102_1852 102_1851

100_2610 100_2805 100_2590 100_2578 100_2569 100_2552 100_2550 100_2535 100_0993 100_0991 100_0998 100_0787 100_0748 100_0730 100_0727 100_0741 100_0404 100_0406 100_0334 100_0336

Mandrel bent exhaust work, don’t fall for muffler shop crush bent exhaust, you spent the money to make the power, don’t leave it choked up under the car stuck in a pipe. While fine for normal cars, crush bent piping can ofter loose 50% of its cross section during a bend. You paid for 3″ piping, this means almost 10″ of cross section, not 5″. Leave the crush bent stuff to the daily driver, not the hotrod.

100_0815 100_0799 100_0795 100_0755 100_0374 100_0227

102_1426 102_1422 102_1413

Other fabrication services include, roll cage work, rock sliders/running boards, suspension fab, brake parts, intake manifolds, and a whole lot more!


102_1676 102_1670 102_1682 102_1636 102_1635  102_1626102_2375 102_2373


102_1509 102_1523102_1508 102_1503 102_1501 102_1378 102_1386 102_1376 102_2396 102_2393 102_2392

So if you need a part, built, modified, fabbed tweaked or desighned from scratch, we got it covered.