Date posted: November 28, 2014

Have you been waiting to get a tuner or have been wanting to update your current tuner from an older X2 or X3 model? We have them in stock now! The new X4's feature a full color display, more compact housing, you can als ... [Read More]

Date posted: November 14, 2014

We had this 2004 Wrangler in for a Skyjacker lift kit install as well as some custom accessories from Hanson to make it even more off road ready. Looks great and is ready for some off road adventure.   ... [Read More]

Date posted: November 13, 2014

We have this Tacoma in the shop for a customer complaint of excessive noise. The truck was just recently purchased but had a large aftermarket muffler on it that dumped almost directly under the cab causing drone and bad ... [Read More]

Date posted: November 12, 2014

We have this beautiful grey Cobra here with a fresh Kenne Bell supercharger sitting on top of the engine that came in for some tuning work. Upon the initial run, we found it was in need of a new fuel filter and some new ... [Read More]

Date posted: November 10, 2014

Update: the Z car from our exhuast post a couple weeks back has returned for a new clutch and slave cylinder along with the necessary components. Should be a big difference in engagement for a more positive driving exp ... [Read More]

Date posted: October 30, 2014

Today we have this Mustang GT here that has a Cobra motor installed and a Kenne Bell Supercharger. It also has the Cobra front clip and rear bumper installed. Customer was experiencing several driveability issues. We fou ... [Read More]

Date posted: October 22, 2014

Today we are installing a small lift on a Land Cruiser. Shocks and springs. Customer is out looking for their perfect wheel and tire combo. Stay tuned. Update: Wheels and tires are in and the Land Cruiser is comple ... [Read More]

Date posted: October 21, 2014

We had this incredibly restored '70 Duster here for a new rear gear setup as well as some fine tuning. Its just as clean and well sorted underhood as the exterior is; with a fresh 340 Mopar mill and a Vintage Air setu ... [Read More]

Date posted: October 17, 2014

Did you know that all of our tunes here are done while on a dyno? This allows us to fine tune all parameters with the vehicle under load and simulating real road conditions. This is a significantly more successful and re ... [Read More]