S375 turbo’d 2valve 4.6

In for tuning with a brand new turbo setup is this cool black 04. The car has been converted from a 5 speed to a 4r70w along with the proper ecu and wiring to take full control of the trans and engine useing SCT software. Other neat parts are victor “spider” intake manifold, Blitz ID boost control, ID1000 injectors, BA5000 maf, A1000 pump, tial gate and BOV, and then of the course the 375 turbo with a polished race cover.


The engine was built with good rods and pistons but the trans is still a question mark, so we wanted to stay around 450 rwhp until we can get a gear box in it that we know will hold up.

There was a lot of tuning time spent on the car. The conversion to return fuel system, big blow through maf, big injectors, all added up to a lot of work. At 9 PSI 18* timing 11.8 AFR the combo made 465rwhp before we figured that was good enough to get the rest of the car shook down and sorted for the track. It will also give the owner some seat time.

We at the shop all really liked the sleeper, low key aspect of the car.