Jeep Magnuson supercharger install is finished.

The New Magnusson blower install on the jeep is finished. As we were involved in the pre-production run of this kit it took a bit longer and required a fair amount more back and forth with Magnuson to provide feedback and install experience during the kits installation then a “normal” install time. But as with almost any forced induction kit, the results are very worth it.


With the supercharger up and running, spinning the big 39″ tires is doable. The 3.6 engine is way better than the older 3.8, but even after changing gear ratio’s, the big tires really suck up the power. The supercharger at 6 pounds cures all that.


All of the components pretty much fit as they were supposed to, again as this is a pre-production kit, there were a few things that had to be modified, but in all the kit is very close to release ready. One thing to keep in mind, as the jeep is one of the most modified rigs on the road, some compound modification may be needed to work around winch bumpers, skid plates, lights, air pumps, and a lot of the other common off-road accessories.




Engine compartment as delivered




Starting work, lines, coolant hoses, wireing ect.




Upper manifold comes off. There are a few lines and clips on the underside.




With the upper plenum removed there is now access for the spark plugs, sound deadening, and injector rails. DCIM100GOPRO


Starting to remove the alternator and associated parts DCIM100GOPRO


Alternator is out of the way and the area can be prepped for the blower itself.DCIM100GOPRO

Hoisting the supercharger into place. DCIM100GOPRO

The supercharger after the install.


102_3305 102_3306

Big front mount heat exchanger. Make sure none of your lighting or winch cableing interferes. 102_3307 102_3308

Just in time for our big snow fall.


Final price is still TBD at this time, but will probably be sorted out by the time you read this. So if this sounds like something your interested in, give us a call. As a factory authorized distributor with actual experience installing the kit, we can make it happen.