Mallory Firestorm igntion.

Mallory has released a new programable ignition system I have been eager to try out. I got my hands on one and started getting it together. The new system will work with alot of different ignition hardware (including most factory distributors) but for the first install I’m going to use the recomended distributor and coil. The dist. is a dual sync unit originally used for SEFI efi and COP ignition, meaning it will supply a cam and crank signal. For the full feature list I recomend you download the buyers guide available here,

Where this system looks to really shine is on forced induction carberated cars. The car this system is going in is my blue 1964 turbo fairlane. It runs a 306 with a gt45 turbo and a blowthrough Holley carb. The igniton offers a 3d spark map based on MAP sensor and rpm, as well as ignition trims for ECT, AIT, and even vehicle speed. It also offers 3 step rev control, nitrouse retard and a slew of other features.