Shop blog 8-21-12

Well, we’ve been pretty busy last few days, had to put in a few extra hours to stay ahead of the curve. Today, we got the rear diff out of the viper for the gear change and found some bad news. the spider gears are hammered and there is a fair amount of damage to some of the bearings and gears due to the debris. The car is going to need a new differential, plain and simple. Its going to take some conferencing with the customer to decide what direction we are going to go, so for now it is on back burner.

¬†We have a cobra kit car on the dyno right now. Its down on horsepower from what i would expect, but its a new owner and he doesn’t know anything about the engine in the car. I am hoping we can go digging into the thing some and see if we can find a reason it seems sluggish.