Chassis and Suspension

Custom Chassis and Suspension Services

We at Fast Specialties are just like you, we love making big power, but do not overlook the chassis and drive train, or all that extra power will end up getting wasted. Whether you are looking to lower your car a bit to give it that aggressive look, or build a complete suspension and braking system to handle the race track, Fast Specialties is the right place.

Vancouver/Portland Custom Chassis

Reinforcing or modifying your current suspension components can be a cost effective way to improve the deflection and overall strength of your cars suspension.

Brakes, Tires, Gears, and More!

Brakes keep you from crashing. They are the single most important safety system on your car, regardless of what you are doing with it. This is not the area to scrimp a few dollars. This is also an area where if your not sure, seeking our experienced and professional help will most likely save you money in the long run. We do a lot of brake systems, ranging from street to competition, using everything from high end performance parts to factory replacement components.

Old hot rod, new race car, we can make it STOP.

Gear swaps. We do a lot of them here. We do them right, we do them quickly, and we do them on most any axle. If you are looking for a quiet and pain free ring and pinion swap for that kick in the butt that big torque multiplication provides, give us a call. We use top quality parts, top quality fluid and top quality processes. Every gear set is checked for end play, run out, back lash, and tooth pattern before they are buttoned up and rolled out. Our gear sets are almost always done in a single day for easy scheduling. We also install lockers, rebuild factory posi assemblies, and will service 3rd member style rear axles.

We also do performance tires. And we are competitively priced. Open track, drag race, off road and performance street tires. Selling an average of 500 sets of tires a year means we know how to mount and balance your performance tires properly. We dynamically balance your performance tires for a smooth and long lasting tire. No shortcuts are taken. No dinged rims, no torn beads, no leaky valve stems.

Other services included shocks and struts, sub frame connectors, control arm replacements, bushing replacement with urethane components, lowering springs, lift kits, leveling kits, sway bars, etc. We can get the power to the ground.

Chassis and Suspension Projects

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