So as we mentioned is a post before, we came across this 89 turbo van awhile back. We figured it would be cool as a shop hauler, parts runner and generaly a diversion from the winter weather.

After promptly over spinning and killing the factory Mitsubishi turbocharger, we scrounged up a slightly used GT3076 ball bearing turbo and went to work. Its a turbo that is waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to much for this little sad 8v cylinder head. But that’s OK! We are going to rock it anyway.

102_3080Thats what we started with.

We started off building a nice 3″ magnaflow exhaust, tig welded and mandrel bent.

102_3101 102_3103 102_3100 102_3104 102_3105 102_3107Made the turbo fit the chassis.

102_3131 102_3132 102_3133 102_3138 102_3128 102_3130 102_3140 102_3141Built a decent front mount and plumbing.

102_3145 102_3144 102_3143 102_3142 102_3147Added water methanol, built a megasquirt board for it, wired the engine and got it running.

102_3201 102_3199 102_3225After that we lowered it, scrounged up some mostly round wheels, with mostly airtight tires and added some airbags to the rear so we could still over GVW the thing.

102_3223 102_3202So far its been great. Van made 268 FWHP and has been a solid usable shop rig.