1956 Chevy Hot Rod Pickup


This beautiful black ’56 came to us with the customer noting complaints such as rough idle and a few other minor issues. Upon close inspection we found a couple of badly burnt spark plug wire boots where they had been resting on the exhaust manifold and a few badly fouled spark plugs. We replaced all 8 plugs and wires and performed an oil change at the customer’s request. No job is too small for us here at Fast Specilaties!  Truck is running great and ready for cruisin’!






1968 Dodge Dart GTS

In for some timing and carb adjustments is a super cool and clean ’68 Dart; 340 4 speed car. A properly spec’d carb, jetted and calibrated for the engine, and some distributor work made a nice, easy to drive car that now runs as good as it looks.

102_3312 102_3313 102_3314

Forced induction must-haves

Are you considering forced induction on your ride? Here are two necessities. A good boost gauge; like any other reliable gauge, can alert you of any issues before they become catastrophic as well as let you monitor whats happening under that hood. Check out this trick install on a Mustang GT.

IMG_0615 IMG_0614

Another common mistake in boosted cars is running out of fuel pump. That truly means when the pump is at 100% it still isn’t enough for the car and it will go lean. A lean car makes for terrible results – in most cases a ventilated block once a rod gets thrown. One great economical and proven fix is a boost-a-pump; shown below in a Mustang. It increases the voltage signal allowing the pump to perform at an even better performance rate.


Roush Stage 2 tuning

We had a car dealership up near Seattle contact us regarding our tuning services for a Roush Mustang they had traded in. Someone had installed an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger; but never had it tuned and never included a tuner. Immensely underpowered and running poorly; we retuned the vehicle with an SCT tuner and made it into a reliable, power making machine.

IMG_0607 IMG_0608