1951 Ford Panel Suspension Airbag Issues

We received this beautiful 1951 Ford Panel this morning.  She was towed in last night because the front airbag suspension would not inflate.  After a thorough inspection we found one of the compressor solenoid vent valves was stuck open.  We disassembled the solenoid, cleaned up the valve and reassembled it, and up, up, and away she went.  Once we had the system operational again, we found a few other items needing some attention.  We noticed the compressors would not turn off, after the system pressure reaching 180 PSI we decided to shut it down before the bomb went off.  We found the pressure switch stuck closed not allowing the system to turn off once maximum pressure was achieved.  To finish it off, the rocker switches used to control the ride height were a getting sticky so we’re replacing those while we’re at it.  After a little TLC this rig is ready to get back on the road and have some fun in the sun.

How she looked upon arrival.


With work, comes elevation.

1990 Mazda MX-5 Spec Miata Racecar


Spec Miata is a class of racing used in road racing events across the US. The Spec Miata (SM) class is intended to provide the race in low-cost cars with limited modifications; mainly those suitable for racing competition. Regualtions of aftermarket parts and accessories are in place to encourage low cost, production car based competition leveling out the car’s capabilities making it more a test of driver skills.


Today number 308 is here for a dyno run and tune to find the proper air fuel mixtures from idle to redline for power at any point in the race while being within the guidelines. Check out the pop-off Sparco steering wheel and the required cage.







We can handle your fabrication needs here at Fast specialties! Tube bending, Inter cooler plumbing, turbo manifolds, exhaust, suspension components, you name it, we can make it a reality!

These Fuel cells were modified to include there own pumps, filter and wiring, making them a stand alone fuel system for a secondary fuel source while running high boost. One cell assembly is shown using dual 255 pump assemblies, while the other uses a larger in line pump for higher flow.

102_1276 102_1273 102_1269 102_1267  102_1278100_2546

Down pipe fabrication is something we do a lot here at Fast, this one is built for a dsm engine with a 2.5″ v-band outlet flange and a recirculating waste gate.

100_0089 100_0088 100_0100

Here are a few more examples of downpipes built to clear tight obstructions. Our downpipes are Tig welded and back purged.

100_2532 100_2531 100_0393 100_0395 100_0396

Pre-turbo fab work means custom turbo manifolds. For a lot of engine a commercial manifold is available, but when a one off or custom solution is needed, we build it. Weather made from schedule 10, 40 ,tube, stainless or steel, we got it covered!

102_1199 102_1195 102_1149 100_2801 100_2805 100_2800 100_0480 100_0712 100_0483 100_0463 100_0462 100_0459 100_0458 100_0457

102_1776 102_1775 102_1774 102_1741

On the cold side of the turbo is the inter cooler, again, when a kit is not available, the custom fabrication begins. This includes air cleaners, compressor housing mods, charge piping, bead rolling and boost bracing.

102_1780 102_1877 102_1876 102_1852 102_1851

100_2610 100_2805 100_2590 100_2578 100_2569 100_2552 100_2550 100_2535 100_0993 100_0991 100_0998 100_0787 100_0748 100_0730 100_0727 100_0741 100_0404 100_0406 100_0334 100_0336

Mandrel bent exhaust work, don’t fall for muffler shop crush bent exhaust, you spent the money to make the power, don’t leave it choked up under the car stuck in a pipe. While fine for normal cars, crush bent piping can ofter loose 50% of its cross section during a bend. You paid for 3″ piping, this means almost 10″ of cross section, not 5″. Leave the crush bent stuff to the daily driver, not the hotrod.

100_0815 100_0799 100_0795 100_0755 100_0374 100_0227

102_1426 102_1422 102_1413

Other fabrication services include, roll cage work, rock sliders/running boards, suspension fab, brake parts, intake manifolds, and a whole lot more!


102_1676 102_1670 102_1682 102_1636 102_1635  102_1626102_2375 102_2373


102_1509 102_1523102_1508 102_1503 102_1501 102_1378 102_1386 102_1376 102_2396 102_2393 102_2392

So if you need a part, built, modified, fabbed tweaked or desighned from scratch, we got it covered.

Performance Modifications and Performance Part Installs.


Engines, supercharger kits, turbo kits, exhausts, camshafts, cylinder heads, clutches, shifters, gauges, nitrous, transmissions, cooling systems, gear swaps, you name it, we have installed it before and can install it for you. Don’t let your lack of tools, space, time, or experience get in the way of having the parts you want on the car you own.

102_1409 102_1612 102_1687 102_1688 102_1709 102_1717 102_1747 102_1757 102_2103 102_2306 102_2447 102_2448 RIMG0034 RIMG0051 RIMG0054

100_0127 100_0298 100_0333 100_0428 100_0430 100_0512 100_0515 100_0618 100_0895 100_2618 102_1272RIMG0002 102_2450 102_2448 RIMG0042 RIMG0046 RIMG0056 RIMG0051 RIMG0050


Superchargers!, Vortech, Paxton, VMP, Kenne bell, Tork Tek, Procharger, Magnum Powers, Powerdyne, Whipple, Magnuson, Edelbrock, SMS, you name it we got it covered.

102_1716 102_1728 102_1863 102_2110 102_2146 102_2343 102_2362

100_0307 100_0271 100_0266 102_2898 102_2877 102_2885 102_2868 RIMG0002

Engine swaps and installs are a common type of modification when it comes to increasing a cars performance. Weather its upgrading/updating a factory installed engine, or installing an engine that was not native to your chassis, getting it assembled, installed and running properly is what we do.

102_1629 102_1163 102_1162 102_2879 102_2883 102_2839RIMG0028 102_1384 102_1882 102_2389102_1230 100_0286 100_0363 100_0377 100_0443 100_0555 100_0955 100_0979 102_1162


2015 Ford Mustang GT shifter support bracket and support bushing

With only 2,000 miles on it; the owner of this brand new Mustang GT wasted no time modifying the car to his taste. This support bracket transitions the factory manual shifter from being a remote shifter in to a solid mount setup. Essentially, this bracket will allow your stock shifter to function just like a T-5. No more grinding gears, high RPM lockouts or missed shifts. The bushing is to help cure the transmission mount has extreme voiding that allows for excessive and dangerous transmission movement which causes misalignment of the linkage mechanism. When that happens the end results are in the form of missed-shifts and binding under aggressive shifting or heavy-cornering.

IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0852


Acura Legend Brake Repair

Did you know we also double as a repair facility as well for your daily drivers? This ’86 Legend came to us with a master cylinder that failed; and when an aftermarket one didn’t fit right – we were able to track down an NOS replacement that worked perfectly.

IMG_1120 IMG_1121 IMG_1122